Mark Blomsteel

Since a few months I have been busy with a new project. I have played Country and Americana before with various bands, and I have always enjoyed it. Actually, I think I started playing Country and Americana since my first Zadkine Popacademie days. And although that was a long time ago, now I’m going Country again!

Next month I will play my first gig with Country singer Mark Blomsteel (Nashville based, Rotterdam born). Mark is busy with recordings for his 3rd studio ablum. He works with the best guys in town over in Nashville and a great producer who also worked with the Beach Boys (!!!). It’s going to be a fun challenge to play  the stuff that those musicians come up with in Nashville. So far we have a couple of great gigs planned the next few months. Check out my agenda for all the dates.


Click on the poster for one of Mark’s music videos

Mark Blomsteel Musica Poster

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