In 2013 I finished my study at the Zadkine Popacademie in Rotterdam. During my education I had the possibility to get a lot of practical experience. I played a lot of gigs with a lot of very different bands and projects. This brought me to a lot of venues and festivals like Zwarte Cross, Paaspop, Paradiso, Melkweg, 013 etc. It was a wonderful time, and in a way the fact that I was still studying gave me a lot of freedom to do whatever I liked to do and to play with whoever I felt like playing with. I am very grateful to have met a lot of cool people. Some of them I still call my friends to this day. But now that my days as a student are over life is more serious. I try to achieve the right balance between the serious and joyful things in life. Earning enough money to pay the rent while still being able to make my music and performing on stage.

The same balance I try to keep in the music I make and the projects that I participate in. I still like to play different kinds of music in order to keep things fresh and interesting. There are so many genres that speak to me. All these different projects inspire me to make new music. But if I would have to sum up the things that make me the musician that I am, and that make me sound like I do, then this is pretty much it:

Keytars, Analog synths, Retro sounds, Screaming leads, Organs with an edge, Talkbox, 80’s, Funky clav’s, Fat brass, Versatile performer, Pliable sound, Allround knowledge, No shoegazing, Feeling for rhythm, Old-school sounds/New-school tech, Fantabulous.


I like to spread my knowledge and enthusiasm for music, therefore I also teach beginners how to play keys. Since 2013 I have been teaching at the YMCA in Scheveningen. More information on this  you can find at my teaching Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KeyboardlesRotterdam and the YMCA website: http://www.ymcascheveningen.nl/muzieklessen


My Current Projects:



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