Danou P is a DJ and producer based in Rotterdam. This 90’s kid with a love for 80’s sounds is strongly influenced by disco and funk from both decades.


Private Tutoring

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Danou graduated in Rotterdam in 2013 as a keyboardist and has been working as a professional musician ever since. In addition to a lot of experience on stage as a session musician, Danou has also taught as a keyboard teacher for a long time. He has also worked as an external teacher at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and as an external musical director at Codarts Musical Theater Department. While working as a keyboardist he received a sponsorship from Ableton Live with one of his projects. Danou specializes in combining live music and digital technology and is therefore deployed as ‘Doctor Ableton’ for various artists

His own musical career revolves around producing and playing House music. Since 2018, he is the new protégé of Chicago House legend Jamie 3:26. Stop by Danou in their studio near Rotterdam CS for all your questions about DJing, Ableton Live and the basics of recording and producing electronic music.

DJ Lessons

Anyone can learn how to mix! But do you also have the skills to be a good DJ?

“The best DJ’s aren’t the people who play the most popular record, it’s the person who plays the most unexpected record at the right time” – DJ Jazzy Jeff

In various categories, Danou covers everything you need to know to be able to play your own DJ set. Learn how to use Rekordbox, Pioneer’s DJ software, and learn how to work with a professional Pioneer DJ set.

The Basics:

  • Start and mix your first tracks
  • Learn how to work with the browser
  • Using the cue channel and knob
  • Using the EQ knobs
  • Working with the pitch fader
  • Learn how to work with the jog wheel (nudging and skipping)

So I can make a mix, now what?:

  • Make your own playlist in Rekordbox and build your library
  • Set Cue points and Hot Cues in Rekordbox
  • Learn how to set live loops
  • Pay attention to song-key and tempo
  • Learn how to use the effects: Flanger, Echo, Reverb etc.
  • Work towards a set of 30 minutes

Let’s go deeper:

  • Adjusting tempochanges in Rekordbox
  • Vinyl mixing
  • Work towards a dynamic set of 30 to 60 minutes

Music Production

Do you want to know how to record and arrange in Ableton? Are you already good at producing but can’t you get past making loops?

Visit Danou’s studio to start your producing adventure, or to work out and improve your tracks together. The studio is a plug and play setup, you can easily connect your own laptop and use all available equipment. With a wall full of synthesizers, multiple drum computers, good monitor speakers and a nice isolated room, you won’t be short of anything! Danou is happy to help you on your way with all the different equipment that is present and will look for the right sounds for your production.

For these lessons it is useful to bring a laptop with you, preferably with a working version of Ableton Live. The class time varies between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your personal preference.

Ableton On Stage

Ableton is extremely suitable for the stage. Whether you’re performing alone or with a full band, the software comes in handy in many different situations. With a basic setup you can already do most things like: triggering sounds, playing backing tracks, switching presets on instruments or even control other software and stage lighting with midi.

Danou can help you when:

  • You are a musician who wants to get into Ableton integration for your band
  • You are an artist who wants to create a live set with/for your own music
  • You are a singer/songwriter who wants to incorporate electronic elements in your performance

Every Ableton live set is different, and depending on your own needs and vision we will take a look at what would be the best approach for your situation. What kind of gear you need also depends on what you want to make/achieve, but every setup starts with a decent laptop, a midi controller of some sorts and a audio interface possibly with a midi in/output.

ProductPricing (ex VAT/BTW)
Prepaid 60 min trial lesson€25,-
60 min lesson€50,-
6 X 60 min prepaid lessons*€290,- (€10 discount)
10 X 60 min prepaid lessons*€480,- (€20 discount)
Custom Ableton Live plan €50,- hourly rate (or fixed project price in consultation)
*6 prepaid lessons must be taken within 3 months, 10 prepaid lessons must be taken within 5 months.